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Visual arts | Architecture | Polis

(Português) Adro da Sé de Viseu

A co-creation project that proposes a reflection on the meaning of art in contemporary society and the city. From the use of used cardboard, exploring its plasticity and constructive possibilities and a work process that included wandering, investigation, moments of debate, several three-dimensional elements were created that reflect the participants’ perception of the themes.

Author | Visual Arts students at Escola Secundária Viriato (12th F) | Students of the Visual Arts and Multimedia course at the Higher School of Education of Viseu (APM-ESEV) | Framed and accompanied by Ana Paula Barbosa (Materials and Technologies teacher at Escola Secundária Viriato) | Colectivo L2P1 (architect Luís Seixas and visual artist Tiago Lopes) | Paula Rodrigues (ESEV’s APM course coordinator) | Paula Soares (inter-municipal coordinator of the National Plan for the Arts – PNA)