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Jardins Efémeros (JE) is a multidisciplinary cultural platform based in Viseu. They have a strong experimental component, with the aim of enhancing the relationship between artists, curators, researchers, universities, cultural, social, trade, tourist associations, companies, museums, schools, the municipality, residents and visitors. The relationships established between the different agents may materialize in specific projects resulting from the JE and should serve as a starting point for future achievements developed by the different agents.

The use of iconic spaces such as the Cathedral, the Igreja da Misericórdia, museums, chapels, public and private buildings, vacant buildings, gardens, parks, squares and anchored in the historic center provide citizens with a unique experience.

The concerts, exhibitions, performances and other cultural activities proposed aim to raise awareness among the population and visitors about citizenship and the appreciation of heritage, respecting it deeply.

Our program is inclusive, offering viseenses and all those who visit us free events and in public space, which they usually do not have access to.

Experimentation as an expression of creative and critical freedom is a value that we do not give up. A tool that promotes innovative dynamics of individual and collective thinking. In JE we are integrators. Local associations, artists and companies are invited to devise new forms of collaboration through artistic practices and education through art.

The program promotes reflection around values such as active citizenship and social architecture, enhancing the critical and imaginative capacity, distributed among the various areas of intervention proposed. We promote creative transformation and a new perception of the city. A close relationship between local, national and international creators, the establishment of collaborations between the public and private sectors, in the most diverse areas that promote the invention / reinvention of diverse networks.

The survey, even if temporary, of a new garden idea in squares where granite prevails, reaffirms the innovative, integrating and differentiating character of JE. Cultural production of excellence and transforming capacity of the landscape of the Historic Center of Viseu.

A strong multidisciplinary component Visual Arts, Architecture, Cinema, Sound, Dance, Theater, Polis, Markets and Workshops based on a careful artistic direction that manifests itself in an urban, contemporary and experimental program.

In its 10th edition, Jardins Efémeros are already a hallmark of the city, having come to assert itself as one of the most unique cultural productions, with national and international recognition. Its original format was designed for the city of Viseu and its multidisciplinary and experimental configuration has no other comparable project in Portugal.


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Sorry, this entry is only available in European Portuguese.