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Social awareness is a major factor in any community.

It is imperative to define participatory policies and actions that can be translated into support for cultural projects that promote quality of life and social cohesion.

As such, we express our deep gratitude to the institutions that share this vision.

We thank the patrons for the social responsibility translated into direct financial support, non-financial support, to the partners who made the program of the 9th Edition of Jardins Efémeros (JE) possible.

We continue to call for patronage support for all cultural projects, especially those entities that, when possible, support the gratuitousness of their achievements, especially in this serious moment when professionals and audiences suffer overwhelming consequences with which the “plague” hit us.

To all who want to contribute to the preservation, valorization and promotion of artistic practices, encouraging their decentralization and ensuring their dynamism, contact us through – to integrate these values ​​in the next edition of 2022.

We believe in culture and education through art.