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Isabel Nogueira

(Português) Isabel Nogueira

UNCERTAINTY is the theme of this year’s edition of Jardins Efémeros. Uncertainty is not knowing, it is doubt in relation to any aspect of life, politics, art, the world. This uncertainty is fought by the territories of the exact sciences. But times are indeed uncertain and it is a matter of global uncertainty, difficult to circumscribe. The chosen films have, in their own way, uncertainty as a relevant point. Thus, we chose a classic film, a contemporary film, and a third session is dedicated to North American experimental cinema, which is generally characterized by the refusal of traditional production and distribution circuits (namely, the Hollywood industry), by the appropriation of marginal themes, due to the majority absence of narrative, the use of the fixed camera, the questioning of imagery figuration, sometimes using textures and distortions, among other aspects. We propose a journey that is guided by the concept of UNCERTAINTY, materialized in film proposals that, in their own way, contemplate different subjects and different conceptual and artistic grammars.



Isabel Nogueira (b. 1974) holds a PhD in Fine Arts, specialization in Art Sciences (University of Lisbon) and a post-doctorate in History and Theory of Contemporary Art and Image Theory (Université Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne). She is a historian and contemporary art critic, teacher and essayist. She is a professor at the National Society of Fine Arts, integrated researcher at CIEBA/Faculty of Fine Arts/University of Lisbon, member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA). She is an art critic for the magazine Contemporânea and a contributor to the magazine Recherches en Esthétique . She is editor/director of the academic journal Arte e Cultura Visual (CIEBA/ Faculty of Fine Arts/University of Lisbon) . Recent books: Teorias da arte: do modernismo à actualidade (BookBuilders, 2019, 2nd ed 2020); Zona de Rebentação (BookBuilders, 2020); Como pode ‘isto’ ser arte? Breve ensaio sobre crítica de arte e juízo de gosto (Húmus, 2020); História da arte em Portugal: do Marcelismo ao final do século XX (BookBuilders, 2021); Crítica de arte ou o espaço entre a obra e o Mundo: críticas escolhidas (Húmus, 2021); Histoire de l’art au Portugal, 1968-2000 (Éditions de l’Harmattan, 2022).