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Sound | Open call

Adro da Sé de Viseu
(Português) 16 JUL às 23H00

Yamila reveals her most intimate catharsis in Visions, a show that gathers and provokes the hallucinatory powers of music. Like an ancient herald, she announces the profound feminine mystique as she traverses epic melodies full of pleasure and pain. This work is a journey that prodigiously unites baroque accents, Spanish folklore and contemporary electronic music. Her voice and music – at times heartbreaking and at others buoyant -could at times resemble as coreto a biblical passage. Her songs brim with physical ecstasy and sounds that can be touched. Through out the performance an aural chiaroscuro with beautiful vocals and choirs melds deeply with bold drones. It is in this set of moments where Yamila’s conceptual axis be comes solid. Pain and glory, lacerating religiosity, feminism cauterized by power and hallucinations as a source to be heard. The stage will become a ritualistic space in which collective listening has the ambition to repair old wounds.”


Artist selected from the open call of sound artists.