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Adro da Sé de Viseu
15 JUL às 23H00

POWELL will be in Portugal on Jardins Efémeros to present a set of new musical compositions, still not edited.

Recently, to create a space that inspires deep reflection, conceived a composition in collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra, presented in Barbican (UK).

The UK-based sound artist records abrasive and distorted experimental techno, in which he displays a biting sense of humor and an irreverent attitude towards the conventions of club music.

Throughout his musical journey with irony and tenacity, Powell has bent synthetic forms into forms that explore and expand the genres of post-punk, techno, noise + computer music. In the last year alone, he has released four high-definition abstract albums, each inspired by a formalisation of music proposed by Iannis Xenakis.

Powell co-founded Diagonal with Jaime Williams in 2011, and on August 27th, 2021, he marked Diagonal’s 10th anniversary with the release of a book, film, and compilation. He also released the strangely emotive LP, «Piano Music 1-7» composed of synthetic computer works on Editions Mago.