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Octógono em Círculo

Ephemeral Architecture | Design
Octógono em Círculo

Adro da Sé de Viseu

“Octógono em Círculo” (eng. Octagon in Circle) (OC) is an installation, with stage and sound, created specifically for the X edition of Jardins Efémeros.

With the sound amplification system, in octognal shape of 50 meters in diameter, whose center is the pillory of the churchyard of the Cathedral of Viseu, embraced by a circle of pine wood with 350 cm in diameter, which will be the stage of the presentations. outdoors.

With the creation of the OC, it is intended that the audience has an immersive sound experience, in a multichannel format, so that both musicians and the audience can have a different sound experience from the traditional one.

Lying on the floor, bringing a bench from home, or standing up to watch the shows that we are going to present, is really an option for each of us.

Happy travels.

Creation – Sandra Oliveira

Sound design – José Marques and Alexandre Ribeiro

Light design – Cristóvão Cunha

Construction of the wooden piece – Brecht Deriemaeker / Geoffroy Godeau

Landscaping – Decorplantas, Lda.

We thank the Diocese of Viseu for providing the space to make this project possible.