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(Português) Adro da Sé de Viseu

Jardins Efémeros are associated with the international project «Mantra for Peace», created by the Center for Research in Arts, Community and Education, of the Association of Teachers of Expression and Visual Communication – APECV, with the creation of a pole of participatory creation with communities from the district of Viseu.

In this pole, under the guidance of Vanda Rodrigues, the intention is to build the piece «Manto Mantra», consisting of 2028 pieces of linen, measuring 10x10cm, with the embroidered inscription of the word «Peace».

The theme is based on the 16th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, and aims to give voice to communities through textile narratives such as embroidery, in a collective appeal against the armed conflicts that exist in various parts of the world.

With this challenge, participants are invited to experience the contemplative cadence of embroidery and the repetition of words in numerical sequences, as a symbolic process of political activism through crafts.

This action is part of the APECV Cartografias Têxteis Project and the International Art Education Week 2022, of the World Alliance for Arts Education.

MANTO MANTRA, a piece of the international project «Mantra for Peace». Why?

a) Because embroidery is an ornament ritual that allows, in its constant construction, the abstraction of technique and reality, allowing the mind to transcend itself and because it can be done by anyone from different latitudes, this being a universal technique .

b) Because «Mantra» (from Sanskrit Man — mind and Tra — control or protection, being an «instrument to guide the mind») is a ritual formula (word, verse or syllable), which is pronounced repeatedly and which aims to achieve a state of relaxation, contemplation, meditation and communion with the cosmos.


  • Creation of the Jardins Efémeros “Manto Mantra” pole – Pausa Possível e APECV
  • Coordination of the specific project “Manto Mantra” Pausa Possível, APECV e Viseu Social
  • Coordination of the social implementation of the project in the District of Viseu – Vanda Rodrigues (Viseu Social)
  • Executive Production – Jardins Efémeros e APECV