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Sound | Aos Cantos

(Português) Adro da Sé de Viseu
(Português) 11 JUL às 20H00
(Português) 40'

Presentation of a new musical project through a liveset – “In this new release I seek to explore and preserve various memories, moments and experiences of a troubled year – an attempt not only at reflection, but also at catharsis. So I try to convert the energies of these moments into something more physical and raw – to make the audience dance, vibrate, laugh and cry with my sorrows and daydreams. Sonically, I continue to pore over organic textures of ambient music, shaping and distorting them at will through heavy beats and unconventional rhythms.

BIO | Luís Luzia (Lu Zia) was born in December 1998 in Porto, where he currently resides. Graduated in science and currently completing a master’s degree in multimedia, he lives off the multidisciplinary that marks his artistic practices. Musician, illustrator and visual artist, he seeks to use everything he has at his disposal to communicate to the world around him.

Regarding his sonic experiments, he always seeks to mold organic and natural textures with more experimental production techniques, producing everything from distorted techno to ethereal ambient compositions. He is also interested in the development of sound installations, focusing on ecological themes such as the degradation of the Portuguese forest.