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Sound | Aos Cantos

(Português) Adro da Sé de Viseu
(Português) 10 JUL às 20H40
(Português) 40'

In his most recent work, Louis Wilkinson has been exploring, through sound, the current urban identity of the city where he lives, Porto. Interested in the notion of place and time, and how these inform identity and artistic work, he intends to capture with music his experience as a European citizen who grew up in the most recent development of capitalism. In this sense, the city of Porto, where he moved three years ago to complete his studies, has proved to be a fertile field for this exploration.

Musically, in addition to involving recordings made in the urban environment he frequents, his most recent work also involves the study and deconstruction of dub techno. However, almost completely, any notion of rhythm is eliminated. Inspired by the music of artists such as Basic Channel and Gas, he finds in this style the perfect atmosphere to express his relationship with the city where he lives.

BIO | Louis Wilkinson’s artistic development began in his teens, during his early experiences with sound editing software. In 2016, he began his academic career linked to electronic music and in the following years, independent releases such as “Number one, two and Three” and “Ambiente 2020” appeared.

He is currently interested in exploring, through sound, the notion of place and time, and how these inform identity and artistic work.