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(Português) Adro da Sé de Viseu
(Português) 11 JUL às 19H15
(Português) 45'

Ambient electronic music punctuated by episodes of phlegmatic dance music, both sides with very varied sound palettes. This plasticity gives rise to an interest in the sound interpretation of literal things, such as places, beings and objects, both physically close and familiar and distant and imaginary. The result of the coexistence of these interpretations is a spasmodic narrative that passes through points very far from each other, exalting their individualities.

BIO| Born in Madeira, Laser Brain enjoys different styles of ambient, experimental and dance music. Brief passages through these different branches gave rise to an interest in abstracting the conventions of each and in using segments or songs of different characters and origins as compatible construction units. He is currently looking for new ways to successfully intersperse these materials in macro collages and develop his own digital sound processing instruments and tools; capacity offered by his higher education in Electronic Music and Music Production at the Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco.