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Goodbye, ÖLGA (PT)

Sound | curated by Fora de Rebanho
Goodbye, ÖLGA (PT)

Cervejaria Santo Graal
(Português) 01h00

Goodbye, ÖLGA from Lisbon celebrates its twenty years of existence with the release of a double album with the same title.

The band that established itself in the national indie-rock scene at the beginning of the 21st century, was forced to abandon its name from “ÖLGA” to “Goodbye, ÖLGA”, by the imposition of a North American artist, holder of the commercial patent. of the name and which prevented the dissemination of the group’s work on digital platforms.

With a discography composed of “Ö” (2004) “What is” (2005), “La Résistance” (2009), “Samurai” (2010) and “Pandora” (2012), the band presents a sound strongly rooted in the currents of post-rock and alternative-rock of the late 90’s and is characterized by constant sonic metamorphoses and creative experimentalism.

After a hiatus of almost ten years, the now quartet composed by João Teotónio, João Hipólito, Tiago Fonseca and Filipe Ferreira, are a refined version of themselves, leading to a construction of new sounds that make up their latest work “GOODBYE, ÖLGA”.

Between features of melodious subtlety and the intense aggressiveness, coming from their compositions, they return to the stage as part of the cathartic act that they understand to be their music.


Curated by Fora de Rebanho