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Borda d’Arte, Manifesto de intenções

Borda d’Arte, Manifesto de intenções

(Português) Diário \ Virtual

Between Três Marias and The Economist, and always thinking globally about the place and vice versa together, Borda D’Arte is an almanac of “useful repertoire for everyone”, between the collective diary and the cadavre-exquis which you want to reflect on Europe. The current, the historical, the mythological — Greek and Trojan —, the geographical, the moral, the artistic, the obscene, the unbearable, the universal, and all the others that fascinate and bother us.

We launched Borda D’Arte on April 23, World Book and Copyright Day, but also Scout Day; day when Cervantes and Shakespeare died, in Madrid and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Although there are those who say that Cervantes died on the 22nd. And that Shakespeare was also born on the 23rd of April. In principle. On that day Max Planck was born (in 1858). Of that we are absolutely certain. After all, he was a physicist. And on that same date, Sacadura Cabral comes to the world in Celorico da Beira (which alongside Gago Coutinho will make the first air crossing of the Atlantic, an epic journey that began on March 30, 1922, and which was still taking place today). On 23 April, the Red Army entered Berlin in 1945, during World War II, taking with it more artillery than fake news.

Because between the invention of croissants and the Turkish crescents, the Stravinskis that consecrated Spring in Paris or the processions of donkeys with married girls in Alcochete and Transylvania, there are routes beyond the social networks that we use as a stage for artistic creation that still we don’t know and we want to find out.

What holds us to this idea of ​​a common European space? Where does it end? How does it start? What do we want it to be? Did Zeus actually return it?

Borda D’arte is a ruminant project by Prado – Associação Cultural, with Patrícia Portela, Pedro Vieira and Isabel Campante at the helm, in addition to their guests argonauts, astronauts, astrolabes, with the support of fuel from the Directorate-General for Arts/Ministry of Culture and the complicity of Rota Clandestina/City Hall of Setúbal, JARDINS EFÉMEROS/Viseu and Coffeepaste/virtual space.