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Aos Cantos

Aos Cantos

(Português) Adro da Sé de Viseu

Aos Cantos is a creation by José Borges, based on a Master’s thesis project in Multimedia of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, which will integrate the realization of a happening that focuses on the reuse/subversion of infrastructures that constitute a heritage value, and historical or just cultural value of the collective memory of the communities that “inhabit” the city of Viseu.

Memory as a legacy, projected in the building, will welcome new experiences resulting from contemporary artistic practices, in this case experimental electronic music.

Author | José Borges, born in June 1998, is an experimental sound artist born in Viseu, with a degree in Electronic Music and Music Production from ESART-IPCB and currently attending a Masters in Multimedia at FEUP-U.Porto. Regardless of academic paths related to media art and sound art, its primary focus is the articulation of the romantic and ethereal beauty inherent in sound creation with buildings that can dialogue as reverberating spaces and integrators of past memory to build in the present, a future memory through art.