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A minha praça é o meu Jardim

Landscape Architecture
A minha praça é o meu Jardim

Praça D. Duarte

«A minha praça é o meu Jardim» is an installation of 190 planters, on the balconies of the square D. Duarte filled with vibrantly colored traditional flowers.

The aim of this project is to “paint” the iconic 19th-century local commerce square. XIX, where it vibrated with the exchanges, and to give it, through the color of the natural plants and with a design of light that allows, a new vision of its facades, contrasting with the granite that reigns in the square.

This intervention is based on a simple idea, but it intends to be pleasant, transversally, to all who will enjoy it, regardless of their age or education.

The square belongs to all of us.


Creation – Sandra Oliveira

Drawing of Light – Cristóvão Cunha


We also thank the owners of the buildings located in Praça D. Duarte for accessing and providing their balconies to host this project.