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We are looking for 4 music projects – Fee 800.00 for each presentation

How to apply?

  1. a) Elements that must be included in the application:

                1 – Biographical note (up to 1500 characters);

                2 – Project datasheet must include:

  1. i) – Name of the musical or sound project / Title of the Work / Year of creation;

                                ii ) Text to support creation to be presented (up to 1000 characters);

                                iii ) Name of each instrumentalist, identifying the instrument they play and the                                            duration of the presentation;

                                iii)  email and telephone number.

                3 – Links for listening to the music proposal

                4 – Technical Rider.

Selection and decision criteria

  1. a) Any European musicians may apply as long as the project to present has been created after July 2021;
  2. b) Selection criteria: 1 – Biographical notes – 20%; 2 – New sound 20%; 3 – Artistic quality of project 50%; technical rider ‘s simplicity 10%.
  3. c) The final classification obtained will be increased by 5% if the musical project is national and 10% if at least one member of the formation is born or resides in the Viseu District;
  4. d) Only projects that obtain a classification above 75 points/100 are eligible to be presented;
  5. e) The jury is made up of) Beatriz Rodrigues (instrumentalist and composer), Catarina Machado (radiator and music critic) and Sandra Oliveira (programmer/cultural manager);
  6. f) Proposals must be sent to the email: as described in the “Selection and decision criteria” in paragraphs a, b, c and d.

Fee , number of projects to be selected, delivery date, proposal evaluation and presentation date:

  • Number of Musical Projects that the Jury will select to integrate the X edition of the JE’22 programme > 4;
  • Fee for 1 presentation with transport included > 800.00 euros;
  • Delivery of proposals: from April 22nd until 24:00 on May 26th;
  • Evaluation of proposals: 27 May > 29 May;
  • Communication of results to interested parties > 30th of May;
  • Presentations – 08 > 16 July, Viseu, PT.