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Architecture | Installation / Stage

Ricardo Afonso | Sandra Oliveira
Parque Aquilino Ribeiro

Youkali is a song by Kurt Weil, with a poem by Roger Fernay, which takes us to an enchanted place, where hope, love, freedom and fantasy are the organic matter an island that exists only in dreams.

On this island, made of light, reflections of the sky and the trees of Parque Aquilino Ribeiro, words will emerge with sounds from distant places and with different sensitivities that will transport you to other dimensions of this place.

Youkali exists.

Sandra Oliveira, artistic director of Jardins Efémeros and Ricardo Afonso, Architect, both dreamers, embarked on this vision that they share with you .

Sandra Oliveira


Author | Ricardo Afonso e Sandra Oliveira

Year | 2021

Materials | Iron, MDF e Polyrey A106

Dimension | 1060X832x73cm