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Visual Arts | State of emergency # 1 | Video art

Patrícia Vieira Campos
Rua Senhora da Boa Morte, nº18

TRANSIMAGEM, Patrícia Vieira Campos (video, 31’, 2020)

“In prison, the imagination is drawn to a form of genius rarely discussed or honored abroad. The imagination of each prisoner assigns this genius a specific value and place, but all imaginations are identified with him. It is the genius needed for escape, the genius of the few who can ‘jump over the wall’.”

A man in a Lacoste sweater, in Fotocópias by John Berger (1996),


This filmic object results from the doctoral work A TransimagemFotografia e subjetividade face à proliferação da Imagem. A reflection that is an experimental work on the image, which proposes to look at it today, in the way we use it, share it and let ourselves be guided by it. An approach that starts with a private and personal deposit and its capacity to produce meanings. A filmic object that proposes the idea of transimagem through sensations, this being a possible equation to understand the place of translation that the image operates today. A piece of a puzzle that can allow defining the current situation, in which the image is placed in itself and before us, transcendent, transgender, transversal and transdisciplinary. The reality, the imagination and us in the present of the image.


Image and sound: Patrícia Vieira Campos / Edition: Patrícia and Luís Vieira Campos

Acknowledgments: Luís Vieira Campos, Frederica Vieira Campos and Ana Deus.

Bio |

Pat is the nickname chosen for years by Patrícia Vieira Campos to sign and spell in a simple way what she wants to be genesis and emotion: her photographs. Pat has work in photography and video. This year he presented a photography exhibition belonging to her Project Festas de 50 anos, at the MIRA online space, based in Porto. Among the videos, highlight to Super 75 (2016), 1st prize at the International Film Festival Super 8 mm – Douro Filme Festival, in Porto and Hot Futureswhere is Brick Lane now? (2020), selected for the First-Time Filmmaker Sessions festival, in London (2020), and a finalist at the Film Festival Urban Visions / Beyond the Ideal City, in Bologna (2021).

Patrícia Vieira Campos received her doctorate this year in Media Art from the Faculdade de Comunicação, Arquitetura, Artes e Técnologia da Informação, at the Universidade Lusófona do Porto, under the guidance of António Preto and Gonçalo M. Tavares. She works in the areas of communication and visual arts and is an employee of the Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Porto.