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Visual Arts | State of emergency # 1 | Installation

Filipa Ventura
Rua Senhora da Boa Morte, nº18

Every morning when I wake up I have a new image projected on the ceiling of my room.

At a time when the interior became the new daily life, I began to observe it with a different attention, giving new importance to these images projected every day. They came from abroad and were translated into a format that I interpreted as a code, a kind of language, that I adapted, to be read by a music box and thus transformed into sound. It has been a continuous and repetitive work like a circular movement. Like a sunclock, different images appear at different times of the day, which mark the passage of time in a stagnant period of time. March 2020.


Place can be defined as a space occupied or that can be occupied by a body. Based on this concept, I have been working on the relationship I establish with the space that surrounds me. Photography is the main medium I use to develop my authorial work, sometimes associated with sound and video.

I resort to a more experimental approach to the photographic medium. I pay particular attention to what we usually don’t realize, elements that I use to build each image, taking advantage of the material and the scale as a way of questioning the veracity of the images.

Graduated in Multimedia Art in the field of audiovisuals, with a postgraduate degree in Discourses of Contemporary Photography, by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

Photography is the main medium you use to develop your authorial work. Using a more experimental approach, the relationship that concerns with the surrounding space works as issues, paying particular attention to what is and that usually does not account, elements used to build each image, taking advantage of the material and the scale as a way of questioning their veracity.

His work was part of the collectives A Imagem Contextualizada, in November 2018 at the Municipal Photographic Archive of Lisbon, and Prémio Fotografia Sintra, in January 2020, at the Museum of Arts in Sintra.