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Visual Arts | State of emergency # 1 | Light installation

Frédéric Develay
Rua Senhora da Boa Morte, nº18

Frédéric Develay is interested in a particular form of “legibility” of the work, reinvesting the notions of understanding and interpretation.

For him, it is a matter of leading the person who looks on the path of “seeing” to “reading”, as a way of engaging him to go ahead of the work. Also, the words chosen by the artist are not only plastic motifs, but contain a meaning that always opens up to another dimension, to a slip, to a distraction, to a repetition, like this engraved mirror of the expression “reflection made”.

Marie Deparis-Yafil

Frédéric Develay works mainly in writing, his gesture aims to break the usual methods that distinguish the meaning from the context. It creates a form of suspense designed, on the one hand, to attract the viewer’s intention to participate, but also to offer him a freedom of interpretation. Although this work may testify to a rationalist appearance, there is, however, a certain mystery, and this inevitably brings us to Sol LeWitt’s formula in his “phrases on conceptual art”: “Conceptual artists are more mystical than rationalists. They run for conclusions that logic cannot reach. ”

The Spectator, Nº 13

Bio |

Frédéric Develay is a visual artist. Born in Paris (SP). Lives and works in Montreuil and Manteigas. Study Philosophy at Hypokhâgne and at the University.