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Visual Arts | State of Emergency # 1 | Photography

Vanessa Marieiro
Rua Senhora da Boa Morte, nº18

NOT is no different and is born out of this desire, perhaps utopian, to “cure” a society with too deep-rooted moral and religious conventions, where sexism are the rule. This project addresses the sexualization of women, the taboo theme of menstruation, sexual orientation, sexual harassment constantly considered a “joke”, and praise the woman’s sexual life associated with its value, the deconstruction of the idea that health is always linked to the physical aspect and gender stereotypes.

This project was conceived during the 2nd half of the year 2020 and completed in the beginning of 2021. At this moment, it is a set of 6 images, photographed, printed (15×20) and embroidered.

Bio |

Vanessa Marieiro. 26 years. From Ílhavo. A soul full of dreams and many other things.

My academic training in the arts started in 2010 at secondary school (Escola Secundária José Estêvão) and continued at Escola Superior de Educação de Viseu, where I studied Fine Arts and Multimedia (2013).

In 2020, I started the Master of Photography which I currently attend, at the Universidade Católicaof Porto.

Over the past few years I have exhibited twice. The exhibition + performance of the final project of the APM course and, with that same project, in the edition “O corpo” – Jardins Efémeros 2018.

As a photographer artist, I have no doubt about the desire to be part of the “artivist” chain. I like to create on themes that tell me something and that are important to me, that hurt or heal me. My goals always fall on personal growth and an attempt to alert those around me.