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Mercado de Sons e de letras X Grão a Grão

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Mercado de Sons e de letras X Grão a Grão

Matéria Prima | Grão a Grão
Rua Miguel Bombarda nº29
(Português) 03 de julho a 11 de julho das 12h00 às 23h00

Matéria Prima is a small-scale structure based in Porto, Portugal, dedicated to selling records, books, magazines, zines and curating music events. Our interests are broadband, and not focused on any particular aesthetics. We operate with the most expansive and inclusive definition of culture, and work to make accessible to a widest public, the most adventurous, experimental, innovative and sometimes exotic artists, musicians, independent labels and publishers. Yes, we naively continue to believe in all range of analog music formats, printed matter and other oddities.”

If you are a DJ, digger, designer, director, dancer, dealer, dominatrix, debutante or just a curious person, save you time and pay us a visit