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SOUND | Concert

Photo Credits _ Gustavo Garcetti

Teatro Viriato
July 7th - 9:30pm
Target Audience
Over 6

From the invisibility of the electronic gesture as an element of musical and scenic exploration, arises a quartet in which the digital electronic duo Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela (a.k.a. @c) meet the percussive and customized instruments of Gustavo Costa and the light and video of Rodrigo Carvalho. Their musical perspectives come together on stage, having experimentation as a common feature, and working towards the renewing of the musical vanguard languages, birthing a luminous, intense and invisibly expressive space.


Sonoscopia is an association that works towards the creation, production and promotion of artistic and educational projects, focusing on the areas of experimental music, sound research and all the interconnected fields. Since its creation in 2011, Sonoscopia has produced over 600 events, artistic creations, pedagogical activities and publications. It has been present in around 20 european countries, as well as the United States, Lebanon, Japan, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. Some projects worth mentioning are Phonambient, INsono, Phobos – Orquestra Robótica Disfuncional e Phonopticon. In Portugal, Sonoscopia has partnered with Fábrica das Artes/CCB, Teatro Nacional São João, Fundação de Serralves, Cine‑Teatro Louletano, GNRation and Teatro de Ferro. Possesses a physical space in Porto, with small studios equipped and prepared for the making and production of creative and scientific works, residencies and informal presentations, having received hundreds of artists from all over the world. Sonoscopia is supported by República Portuguesa – Cultura/Direção-Geral das Artes.


Gustavo Costa – born in Porto in 1976 – studied percussion, musical technologies, sonology, musical theory and composition, having concluded his Phd in Digital Media by the University of Porto on computerized musical expressiveness and interaction. Founding member of Sonoscopia Association, his work as a musician and song-writer focuses on underground counterculture, in improvised music and electroacoustic. Gustavo Costa has extensively played and recorded  throughout Europe, USA, Brasil, Colombia, EAU, Tunisia, Japan and Lebanon, alongside with artists as John Zorn´s Cobra, Mark Stewart, Fritz Hauser, Alfred Harth, Lukas Ligeti, Jamie Saft, Damo Suzuki or Steve Mackay. Currently, Gustavo is an assistant professor in the University of Aveiro and ESMAE, Porto.


Miguel Carvalhais is a designer, musician and assistant professor in the Faculty of Fine-Arts of the University of Porto, where he studies design, aesthetics and creative computational practices. His artistic work is developed between computerized music, sound art, performance and sound installations. Miguel Carvalhais directs the publisher ‘Cronica’ (dedicated to experimental music and sound art) and the ‘xCoAx’ conference (about computation, communication and esthetics). Miguel is the author of ‘Artificial Aesthetics: Creative Practices in Computational Art and Design” (2016, U.Porto Press).


Rodrigo Carvalho (Porto, 1983)  is a multimedia designer and new media artist.

Graduated in Design from the University of Aveiro in 2005, Master of Digital Arts from the University of Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, 2009) and Phd in Digital Medias from the University of Oporto/ UT Austin Colab in 2018.

Throughout his work, Rodrigo explores visual and interactive devices for the creation of performances, installations and immersive spaces. Carvalho has exhibited his works in several national and international events, such as: Sonar Festival (Barcelona), MutekEs (Barcelona), Echo (Dubai), Stereolux (Nantes), Iminente (Lisboa), among others.

He is also the visual side of BorisChimp504 project, and co-founder of the Openfield  creative studios.


Born in Viseu, in 1962, Pedro Tudela graduated in Painting from Porto’s Fine-Arts College (ESBAP) in 1987. Pedro is now an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Fine-Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP). As a student of ESBAP, he co-founded the ‘Missionary Group’ – organized national and international painting, postal art and performance exhibitions. Pedro Tudela has participated in several performance festivals since 1982. Tudela was the author and host of the radio shows ‘Pick a finger’ and ‘Reduced Atmosphere’ on XFM, airing between 1995 and 1996. In 1992, following the exhibition “Mute… life”, Pedro founded the multimedia collective Mute Life dept. [MLd]. Pursued sound production in 1992, having participated in concerts, performances and discographic productions in Portugal and abroad.  Pedro Tudela is the co-founder and one of the elements of the digital music and multidisciplinary project “@c”, and a founding member of the media label ‘Crónica’. Pedro has been working in scenography since 2003 and exhibits individually with regularity since 1981. He has also participated in several collective exhibitions in Portugal and abroad since the beginning of the 80’s. Pedro is currently represented in museums, public and private collections. Lives and works in Porto.


Jardins Efémeros, in partnership with Teatro Viriato.