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SOUND | Call for artists

Photo Credits _ Gustavo Garcetti

Parque Aquilino Ribeiro
July 6th - 10:30pm

MAD NOMAD makes from scratch, in original compositions, a mix of jazz, sampling, hip hop and spoken word, imbued with the sounds of Lisbon, London and New York, cities where the project’s creator, Catarina Santos, has lived. Since music is anything but conventional, it has moments of chaos, of poetry in disconnected flow with the soundscape where it is inserted, hip hop, improvisation, influenced, but not limited, to the comprehensive language of Jazz, in a sound that brings stories of immigration, gender, analysis of the concept of identity. Collage, sound manipulation, and fragmentary structures created live, in an immigration cartography, sonic logbook of everyday life in large urban centers, and in a positive and conscious affirmation of the questioning of identity and its mechanisms of formation.

Breaking conventions / styles, Catarina outlines a polymorphic and intersecional vision of Portuguese identity, in sonic structures of collage, hip hop, jazz, and a lot of creativity as a band, live.

Catarina dos Santos (voice, pedals, composition);
Óscar Graça (synthesizers);
Hugo Antunes (electric bass, pedals);
Luís Candeias (battery, electronic battery);
André Pinheiro aka Apache (laptop / sampling)


Singer, songwriter, sound artist. Graduated at the Luís Villas-Boas Jazz School, Jazz Performance – City College of NY. Lives ten years in New York – studies with John Pattitucci, Sheila Jordan, Paquito de Rivera, Jim Black. Singer and songwriter for the band Nation Beat, she records “Maracatuniversal” (Brazil, 2006), plays at Blue Note, Joes Pub, The Stone (John Zorn). 2013: concert / tribute to Mary Lou Williams (NY);