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Frédéric Touchard
Rua Cândido dos Reis nº5,7

The travels of a lone traveler

LA FIN DE TOUT evokes the wanderings of a traveller’s thought across multiple landscapes. From the window of the train that travels, and contemplating the world around us, he elaborates a specific thought, a true writing about this changing world. Deeply dominated by the beauty of this world, he cannot, however, fail to see its disappearance coming.

The cinematographic discourse is deliberately developed from the following material: the images filmed from the train, associated with the narrator’s “mental images”, the voice-over, the narrator’s reflections, the direct sounds and Strauss’s musical work, Metamorphosis, heard in full.

Bio |

Frédéric Touchard was born near a forest, little more than half a century ago. Tells stories. Sometimes they are novels (Nu rouge, L’hypothèse du Prototype). Nowadays, history embraces the forms of video art (14 Stations, a video art installation presented at the Chartreuse de Neuville-sous-Montreuil, in the Dunkirk winery, at Galerie Anjos70 in Lisbon, then at Les Abeilles44 in Saint-Nazaire). After more than 30 years, he makes documentaries for television (La Digue, Crisis (s), La Fanfare ne perd pas le Nord !, Etats d’âmes, Dunkerque, if reconstructing, etc …) and for radio (De quel genre humain est l’Internaltionale? for France-Culture), then web-documentaries (13 were Dunkirk, Pour parler d’un jardin, Môle 1, …). He lives between North of France, Paris and Lisbon.