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SOUND | DJ's Showcase

Parque Aquilino Ribeiro
July 11th - 3:30pm to 9:00pm

From the realization of the need to decentralize electronic music and bring it to the district of Viseu, whose offer in this area was, until then, practically nonexistent, Vanessa Sousa (Valody) creates, in 2018, GRAVE, which has 3 resident DJs :

Pedro Morgado (Tryängle), João Gonçalves (JOG) and Francisca Urbano.

Dance music has been gaining momentum in Portugal, with the emergence of new DJs, producers, labels and collectives, but the interest of the general public and programmers is, in our opinion, still very much centered on international artists.

GRAVE came to counter this trend and change the paradigm, by focusing essentially on national talents, giving visibility to Portuguese artists who are as talented as their international peers.

What is national is good – and GRAVE comes to prove it.

Music promotes sensory experiences, necessary for individual and collective cultural expansion.

Through the events organized by GRAVE – parties, workshops, lectures -, Viseu has already gained a strong electronic community, proving that, given the opportunities and having access to a quality offer, people like and are interested in electronic music.


Valody is a rising DJ and producer from Viseu, a city where he embraced the goal of keeping the city on the electronic music map. His musical influences range from Techno, Electro, Jungle and his fresh and avant-garde selection always comes with a lot of emotional intensity and a ferocious attitude. As a producer, Valody frequently explores the experimental side of dance floor music, highlighting new territories in its sound.

She owns the music publisher ELBEREC and is the founder and resident DJ of the electronic music event called GRAVE. He also does a regular residency at Rádio Quântica with the GRAVE program, where he invites several emerging artists. Valody and is still a resident on the radio program Physics and Chemistry, on Antena 3.

A very proactive element in the culture of dance music, Valody is deeply committed to promoting and supporting the diverse and multiple shades of portuguese techno.

Tryängle, resident of Viseu, used to making big marathons in his sets, Tryängle presents above all a great capacity to build his journeys. With musical selections that include, above all, atmospheric techno, he also explores more experimental sounds and breakbeats. In 2016, he inaugurated his publisher, Detox Electronics, with launches by national and international artists. In late 2020 he released his first EP with the label of Detox Electronics. In 2019 he became resident DJ dʼO Grave, with stints at NB club, Aliena A, among others. JOG:  JOG, or João Gonçalves for friends, is from Seia (Serra da Estrela) but lives in Viseu, and used to us from an early age to his broad vision of electronic music.

Tryangle is focused on taking, who performs on the dance floor, on a journey through Dub and Electro, clearly showing his taste for the more acidic side.

In 2018 he started an organization of events and ends up organizing Electronik Forest: a 12-hour event framed in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park.


Francisca Urbano, a native of Tondela, is passionate about dance music in its most electronic aspect. Member of the GRAVE and Lobo Mau Records collectives, she went to several clubs in Portugal and played alongside renowned artists, standing out for his versatility, which allows her to adapt to the time.