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SOUND | Hybrid Show

Photo Credits _ Gustavo Garcetti

(Português) Parque Aquilino Ribeiro
July 4th - 9:30pm

Fontelo is a sonic ritual performative project created by Nuno Veiga in 2018, having made several live performances in the United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy, always in collaboration with various sound artists and with a strong component of improvisation. In this performance for Jardins Efémeros, Fontelo, it will be interpreted by Lia Vohlgemuth and the sound by Nuno Veiga.


Nuno Veiga is an multidisciplinary artist and professor of artistic education. Degree in Theater Studies from the Universidade de Évora. In Portugal, he worked as an actor with directors such as Luís Castro, Ricardo Pais, Nuno Carinhas and Jorge Fraga. In 2010, he headed to London, where he saw the multidisciplinary nature of his work demonstrated, collaborating with several companies and institutions, of which Rambert Dance Company, University College London, London College of Fashion, Young Vic, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Soho Theater, Knot Theory, Hide Tide, Theater Absolute and Battersea Arts Center. He taught at multiple educational establishments in Portugal and England and directed artistic projects with groups from different contexts, namely with adults with learning difficulties. In the last decade he has developed work as a sound artist in the field of theater, dance, cinema and installations with several stage directors and choreographers, among which he highlights José Neves, Américo Rodrigues, Yola Pinto, Amélia Bentes, Paulo Filipe Monteiro, Silvia Pinto Ferreira, Romulus Neagu, Miguel Altunaga Verdecia, Jordan Bridge, Luca Bracia, Zjana Muraro, Darren Ellis, Susan Kempster, Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou and Robert MacNeill among others. In 2015 and 2016, he worked as a Sound Designer and consultant for the “Edinburgh International Festival”. As a sound improviser, he played in dozens of concerts and was involved in several projects, with record works published in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.

He also develops work as a video maker, and his works have been presented in several international festivals. He is an Associated Artist at Teatro Viriato.

Lia Vohlgemuth is Graduated in music at the Conservatório de Torres Vedras and graduated from the Escola Superior de Dança em Lisboa. Her teachers were Barbara Griggi, Amélia Bentes, Francisco Pedro, Sylvia Rijmer, Carla Ribeiro, among others. She integrated curricular projects presented at Castelo de São Jorge and at Culturgest. She started her professional life in an inclusive dance project in partnership with the Liga Foundation, choreographing piece eight with Nuno Santos. She held several workshops with Lisi Estaras, Rui Lopes Graça, Ido Batash, André Mesquita, Quan Bui Ngoc, Marcelo Evelin, Nélia Pinheiro, Daniel Cardoso, Donald Byrd, Helder Seabra, Laura Assis, Roberto Olivan, Romeu Runa, Hugo Marmelada. She was in artistic residency at the National Ballet Company, Olga Roriz, Espaço do Tempo, Vera Stasi Super-cinema (Tuscany), CAL, EIRA, working as an independent artist with independent creators.

She has been working with Andante Associação Artística, giving voice and body in many creations. She presented shows with André de Campos, Espaço Neutro, Daniel Matos, Andante Artistic Association, Amélia Bentes, Sofia Santos Silva. With the support of LER + and Alcochete City Council and choreographed the show ClubeMed da Andante. Lately, she has been acting with the newly created dance company CAMA at the same time that she performs for babies in nurseries and theater with the Teatro do Biombo. She participated in the creation of an audiobook together with the publisher BOCA and Andante Associação Artística.