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Radical Empathy in the Arts

Oficinas Gerais | Pólis
Radical Empathy in the Arts

Knowledge of English Language Recquired, Michael Mastrototaro, Beatriz Infante
Online Platform
June 9th 3pm GMT+1
Target Audience
Artists - Older than 18 years
Number of Participants
25 is hosting a Roundtable virtual discussion on the topic of how Radical Empathy can change our society and how Art can encourage people to be radically empathic. Why did we choose this topic and where does it come from? If you see life as a system of experiences and socialisation, our choices are closely related to it. But can we break out of this framework? How do we as a society manage to establish a sustainable, empathic approach to one another? is committed to empathic interaction. We are open to cultural and artistic exchange without restrictions and we are aware of our social responsibility by implementing an experimental new way of decentralising art funding using cryptographic technology. Art and culture have the power to exemplify empathic togetherness. Let’s show that to people. Wendy is empathic and so are we. We at want to encourage each other to have radical empathy. We think having radical empathy is a cure for this year’s loneliness. Jack Schot defines Radical Empathy as “an active striving to better understand and share the feelings of others.” What do you define it as? Why does the world in 2021 need us to have radical empathy? After a year of physical and emotional distancing we need to start working as a society to be more empathic, in a radical way. By having radical empathy, we can extend the same acceptance we’ve had for ourselves over the last year to everyone around us.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend! To let us know you are coming, please register for free via this link: was created to bring funding to artists and to enable an easy way to invest into contemporary art. believes in the power of art and the power of the people. Together we can shift the value of contemporary art productions by using crypto-technology to generate an interpassive income. is powered by KONJUNGATE. KONJUNGATE is a multilayered art project and cryptocurrency designed to change the way of art funding. It is based on the cyber novel MACHFELD written in 1999 by Michael Mastrototaro. KONJUNGATE, in conjunction with the is making a strong artistic statement in the times of budget cuts. KONJUNGATE and assists artists to exist in the everpresense of inspiration.