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Visual Arts | Design

Marco Franco
Rua Cândido dos Reis nº5,7

«Part of the visual collection that I have been producing focuses on drawing, in most cases I work serially on an idea that is materialized by exhaustive repetition, by the inherent variations in the process or even by the plausible dichotomy of the series itself when I subsequently analyze it. The opposite also occurs and I keep filing a number of unique pieces that remain without belonging to an idea or reason.

[…] A drawing can be almost as immediate as an image captured by the lens if it is relatively short to execute, so to speak I am prepared to eventually overcome a primordial idea or expectation before taking action, as soon as I start the real process. I produce a necessary quantity of manual impressions with a brief and concise gesture […]

In sculpture I have been discovering materials that allow me to draw my own three-dimensional object as if it were a sketch. Desenhos e outras formas brings together some drawings and some sculptural forms.»

Bio |

Marco Franco (1972, Lisbon) is a composer musician and self-taught visual artist. He started his musical career in 1986, collaborated on numerous projects from rock to improvisation. He founded the group Mikado Lab, in 2017 edits Mudra for piano solo. Integrates the Blue Mountains group together with Norberto Lobo and Bruno Pernadas. He has his first solo exhibition, Parágrafo, at Galeria ZDB curated by Natxo Checa in 2020.

He created music for theater, dance and cinema.