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Sound | Sound Installation

Claustros da Sé de Viseu
(Português) 03 de julho às 19h00 e 05,08,09 e 10 de julho às 18h30
Sound has the power to captivate memories and sense of place. This immersive sound installation project, situated in Viseu’s Cathedral Cloisters, aims to bring into public space the intimate, culturally invaluable but at times endangered sonic environments of traditional crafts such as basket weaving, pottery and embroidery. These practices are deeply rooted in local traditions and present a rich source of sonic materials and story telling. By transporting these soundworlds into public space we aim to draw attention to this rich aural culture and harness the power of sound to evoke social practices and sense of place. The artist commissioned an artefact from each of the artisans and followed the making process through. Documentary materials are presented online, providing context for the work and celebrating the act of making.
Immersive sound employs techniques and strategies to surround the listener in an acoustically plausible environment with opportunities for transforming, augmenting and reshaping public space.

Participating Artisans:
Fernando Sampaio, Cestaria
Carla e Lídia Rodrigues, Bordados de Tibaldinho
Diamantino Loureiro, Estanho
Olaria Artantiga, Barro Molelos
Isaura Alves, Linho de Várzea de Calde