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Presentation of the book Mulheres da minha Ilha, Mulheres do Meu País, by Ana Cristina Pereira, by Rosa Monteiro

(Português) Literatura
Presentation of the book Mulheres da minha Ilha, Mulheres do Meu País, by Ana Cristina Pereira, by Rosa Monteiro

(Português) Ana Cristina Pereira

(Português) Museu Nacional Grão Vasco
(Português) 16 de JUL às 16h30

The women in this book were born 50 years apart. Between the oldest and the youngest, there is a world of differences: the country has changed, perspectives and freedoms have expanded and, with them, have come new possibilities and new obstacles. This book rescues the history of this transformation from voices that are not part of power structures. In a zigzag between the present and the past, it starts from the lives of ordinary women, from different social classes, to tell their stories, intertwined with the history of the Madeira archipelago, a border place, and with the history of women in Portugal, least known in the country’s history. Always in dialogue with natural artists or residents of the region. It is, in a way, an exhibition-book, a travel-book, but above all a testimony-book of Abril’s legacy.

Ana Cristina Pereira has been a reporter for Público since 1999. She is mainly dedicated to human rights and social exclusion issues. She is the author of the books Nobody’s Boys (2009), Viagens Brancas (2011), Perpetual Movement (2016) and co-author of the books Desafios – Direitos das Mulheres na Guiné-Bissau (2012), Todas Vozes/All the Voices (2014) and Women from São Tomé and Príncipe (2018). Documentary theater is another way he found to give voice to silenced groups. She wrote the plays Onde o Frio se Demora (2016) and Agora édifferent (2019).

Rosa Monteiro received her PhD in Sociology of the State, Law and Administration with a dissertation entitled «State Feminism in Portugal: mechanisms, strategies, policies and metamorphoses». She is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and a researcher at the Center for Social Studies at the same university, at the Center for Social Policies, Labor and Inequalities. She was Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality between 2017 and 2022 and councilor at the Municipality of Viseu between 2013-2017.