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Visual Arts | State of Emergency # 1 | Photography

Ana Margarida
Rua Senhora da Boa Morte, nº18

If a word can have more than one meaning, why not an image? And what would be the provocation of these different words? Taking inspiration from some photos captured for an old project of my own, I made this new photographic set in which the focus point is again the tape, but adding cling film for greater impact. Perhaps a project that transforms something or that continues the story that was once set in motion, almost like stop motion … However, there is something even more important, which is the manufacturing process, and the impact that the work will have on the viewer. Like many previous works made by me, the most important thing will always be the reaction of the public and the reason for their attraction to my work, which is often abstract or surreal, can have different interpretations, in this case several words, which justify it all coming in the same source. The different associations and sets of words that a single image can provoke are infinite. One or more images that can communicate using one or more languages. In this case, a conflict situation exists between myself and the object of work. The artist who tries to master his own work, but who ends up giving up, submitting and giving himself to it, disappearing in the process, ceasing to exist.

Bio |

Graduated in Fine Arts – Branch of Painting by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.

Collective Exhibition – “Da Sombra” – Museological Gallery of the Ermesinde Forum –

07/18/2020 – 08/30/2020 – Porto, Portugal

Collective Exhibition – “Interval, before and after drawing” – Lugar do Desenho Fundação Júlio Resende – 07/18/2020 – 09/30/2020 – Porto, Portugal

Still without a precise and defined technique, I describe myself as an artist who likes to observe and “play” with some phenomenological aspects in the different reactions of the spectators, and the pieces that can cause them. The diverse interpretations of a single piece fascinate me, as does the process of making it, whatever technique or material it may be.