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Franziska Schroeder
Ensaios: CAOS - Largo São Teotónio, 30

Apresentação Final: Praça D. Duarte

6 e 8 de Julho às 18h00 (ensaios)

9 de Julho às 21h30 (apresentação final)

2 sessões de ensaios

6 e 8 de Julho

Apresentação final

9 de Julho

Target Audience
Músicos M/14 (Qualquer nível de experiência musical)
Nº de Participantes

Soundpainting is the universal multidisciplinary live composing sign language for musicians, actors, dancer, and visual artists. It was created by Walter Thompson in New York in 1974.

This workshop of learning to play with and using the language of Soundpainting is open to musicians wanting to explore this exciting musical technique.

Any musician over the age of 14 with any level of musical expertise is welcome to join.

The workshop will run over two days with 2 hours sessions and a final showcase, and musicians need to be able to commit to both workshops and a final musical performance.


Franziska Schroeder (Germany / UK)

Franziska is a saxophonist and improviser based at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, at Queen’s University Belfast where she holds the post of senior lecturer in music and sonic arts.

Franziska trained as a contemporary saxophonist in Australia, and in 2006 completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh, researching performance, digital technologies and theories of embodiment.

At Queen’s University Belfast, Franziska teaches students in improvisation, digital performance and critical theory.