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Praça D. Duarte
8 de Julho, 19h00
30' cada

Four bands of local musicians at the main square – Praça D. Duarte.



The Dirty Coal Train is a garage punk power trio from Portugal with influences that drift from sixties garage rock to B movie monsters, with an eye on surf, rockabilly, blues and soul.  They’ve been touring Europe and South America, and played along greatbands such as The Routes, Autoramas, The Gories, The Smoogers, The Parkinsons, Gino & the Goons, The Monsieurs, The Morlocks, and many more. With 4 LP’s, 1 Compilation and 5 singles released and most already sold out, they have a new LP, Portuguese Freakshow, released with Garagem Records and Groovie Records!

The lyrics are more a gargantuous noise than a message, their music is pure savagery packed for insane nights soaked with sex, anarchy, daydreams and B movie paraphernalia.

NEW RECORD, Portuguese Freakshow

During the years between their childhood and adulthood they dreamed of and hoped to enter the restricted group of chosen creators getting stuck in the clutches of the distance and desolate winds of their native land. For the past seven years, they have independently traveled the lands and habitats of the selected few, meeting countless artisans of the creative process with whom they shared their love and commitment to art (sometimes for this very same reason they were called «amateurs») and learned that they were trying to incarnate what was, for them, a distant and meaningless word. So, they chose to walk this parallel world where they were accepted as equals, away from a world that separates recognized creators from amateurs… the «chosen ones» from the freaks!

Double LP released by Groovie Records and Garagem Records.

Recorded at Golden Pony, Lisbon and Estudio King, Barreiro.

Artwork: Olaf Jens.

Produced by Ricardo Ramos and Beatriz Rodrigues.

With special guests: Carlos Mendes (Tédio Boys, The Parkinsons, Twist Connection), Nick Nicotine (The Act-Ups, Ballyhoos), Victor Torpedo (The Parkinsons, Subway Riders), Ondina Pires (The Great Lesbian Show, Pop Dell’Arte), Fast Eddie Nelson (Big River Johnson, Fast Eddie & the Riverside Monkeys), Captain Death (Tracy Lee Summer), Mário Mendes (Conan Castro & the Moonshine Piñatas), Old Rod Coltrane (Puny e ex-the Dirty Coal Train), Miss Volatile (DeCanja), Johnny Intense (The Act-Ups), Ana Banana (Cabeça de Peixe, Dirty Coal Train), Sérgio Lemos (Great Lesbian Show, Dr Frankenstein, Canal Caveira), Stephane Alberto (Canal Caveira, Duendes do Umbigo), Jorge Trigo (Quarto Fantasma), Carlos Dias (Subway Riders, Wipeout Beat), Eduardo Vinhas (Pop Dell’Arte), Ricardo Martins (Lobster, Jiboia, Pop Dell’Arte)… among others.

Covers of original songs by: Residents, Richard & the Young Lions, The Standells, Marti Barris, The Animals and Beat Happening.




Novos singles:


2. Volcano Skin-site

Formed in 2010, Volcano Skin want to create music in total freedom: rock and no-rock, basses, guitars, drums, loops and the odd electronic touch, classic rock’n’roll instruments and instruments that are totally stranger to it, rock-punk-post-something for the 21st century, lyrics in English and Portuguese, an appetite for roaming, memories kept inside the body. Songs and non-songs, music that meanders between the fingers to reach an unknown destination.



Travelling with the Wrong Maps (7” EP, 2013)

A Few Moments of Sleeping and Waking (CD, 2015)

Tattooed Life (CD, 2018)





3. Galo-site

Os Anjos Também Cantam

A banda inspira-se em ritmos variados, loops e batidas sincronizadas. A experiência ao vivo cria uma «viagem espacial», acompanhada pelo carisma característico do projecto e pela sonoridade que imprime na mente dos ouvintes. Esta versatilidade permite que Galo Cant’Às Duas explore diversas texturas musicais.




Composto por Gonçalo Alegre e Hugo Cardoso, Galo Cant’Às Duas teve origem em 2015, num encontro entre artistas plásticos, performers, actores e músicos, na ruralidade da aldeia da Moita, Castro Daire. O projecto nasceu de uma jam com os dois músicos. Deste encontro emergiu a alma do Galo, fruto da música criada, impelindo à concordância na sua elevação. Desde os finais de 2015 que a banda tem partilhado a sua obra por Portugal. O Galo faz-se rodear de outras dinâmicas performativas e tem já gravado o seu disco de estreia, Os Anjos Também Cantam.


4. Basalto-site

Doença reflects a continuation and evolution of the identity of the band, seeking to achieve new internal reflections and musical plans. Having a darker aura as the album’s own name indicates, it reflects feelings and characteristics hitherto not explored by the three musicians. Accompanied by a text by Martim Sousa, Doença translates everything that Humanity can have of black and dark intellectuality. Feelings sometimes wasted to the detriment of a social and intellectual reality that absorbs the minds of today’s society.

In January 2015 the first encounters between António Baptista (guitar), Nuno Mendonça (bass) and João Lugatte (drums) appeared. Jams who encouraged the search for an identity of the three musicians, who spent about 3 months began to gain form and guidance. From there came the first riffs of music «I». The option to follow Roman numeration along the continuity of the songs was an option, as a way also to demonstrate the evolution and the search for new ways of the band.

In January 2016 the band recorded the first six tracks at Villa’s Resort, where the band resided their rehearsals. Captured, mixed and mastered by António Baptista, it was tried to keep faithful the live sound of the band in the recording, getting a rude sound to the detriment of the quality and definition of the songs themselves.

The first concert of Basalto happened in May of 2016, height of the launch of Basalto. After good reactions and a tour with several dates for Portugal and Spain, the band settled to start cooking new ideas during 2017.

In October of 2017 the band applies again to the recording of a new long duration. Once again captured, mixed and mastered by António Baptista, this time the idea was to look for more detail and strength in the music, continuing to shape the progressive sound and typically Jam of the band.