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Nicholas Bamberger (SWI)

Som | Concerto
Nicholas Bamberger (SWI)
Centro Histórico de Viseu
6 a 10 Julho

The Piano Solo Street Sessions are open-air concerts, which take place in unusual settings. Whether a park, a market place or by a river, the passer-by is instantly carried away by the first notes. Transmutation is happening. The audience accesses a realm where all emotions are allowed. Unlike usually in public spaces, here you may let go for a moment.


Nicholas Bamberger

Born in London in 1983, Nicholas Bamberger is a Swiss pianist and singer-songwriter based in Berlin. He first studied classical music playing the piano and the violin. In 2002, he stepped into electronic music under the name Bambeat. Until today, his single «Not like You» is being broadcasted internationally. After having studied at Hochschule der Künste (Bern), he worked as an independent musician for several bands such as Olivia Pedroli, Gustav, and his own bands, Garden Portal and Advaïta. In 2017 he received a grant for an artist residency in Berlin, where he decided to stay and work as a solo street pianist. He is currently organizing an European Piano Solo Tour which will begin in 2019.