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Adro da Igreja da Misericórdia
8 de Julho - 23h00

Mehriyan is an Iranian music group, formed by Pedram Bolourchi in Tehran, Iran in 2015. The group consists of Perdam Bolourchi as a singer and composer and several Iranian musicians.

Mehriyan first album has been released in 2017 which is called “Mehriyan” with songwriting and composing by Pedram Bolourchi. Mehriyan group has performed several concerts in Iran.

Perdam Bolourchi

28 Jun, 198, Tehran, Iran

He studied at the age of 5 (1986) with the professor Bahman Rajabi and after profiting from the school, he was honored with Mr. Mohammad Tayebi Jebli and was honored with the introduction of Akbar Golpayegani in 1996 by a professor at Jahangir Malek. He is the only continuation of this playing style in Tonbak. He also has a record of singing the Iranian music since 1997, and is honored to be a student of Mehdi Keramati and Mehdi Fallah.

Education: B.A in Music, Jan 2014 Iran

Skills: Percussions and Tonbak Player, Composer, Singer, Music Teacher; Member of the Iranian Music House and has a high degree of art; During his artistic years he has had a history of performing concerts in different cities of Iran and various countries as musician and supervisor of the band. And performing in numerous music albums; Collaboration with professors such as Farhang Sharif, Anoushirvan Rouhani, Fakhri, Malekpour, Fazlollah Tavakol, Mohammad Mousavi, Manouchehr Amirhashtami, Shahram, Mir-Jalali, Siamak Iqani and other leading professors.

Soroush Kamalian, 1986, Bushehr — Kamancheh

Mohammadamin Jahangiri, 1987, Bushehr — Santur

Milad Massoudifarid, 1979, Tehran — Daf e Tonbak